In my previous post I highlighted the value of a catch phrase like Tom Dickson’s “Will it blend” and mentioned one from way back “Nice one Cyril” that came to me as I was writing.  However, it strikes me that most people in agencies these days aren’t old enough to remember that catch phrases like this were the social networking of the pre-Face-Book era.

“Nice one Cyril” was carried as a song and released as a record (remember those?) but there were many more, like Murray Mint’s “Too-good-to-hurry mint” and Do-It-All’s “How do Do-It-All do it?” that were immortalised as jingles.  You really knew you had a hit on your hands when the popular press plagiarised them in their headlines, but there were many that worked without being turned into songs.  You just heard people use them in conversation.

How many can you think of?

Michael Weaver
April 22, 2010

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