Because I have been involved in the media all my life it’s not surprising that I have a fascination for photography.  I used to dabble myself, but my real thrill always came from rubbing shoulders with photographers who were truly worthy of the title.

Like just about every other aspect of life though, things have changed dramatically in recent times for shooters and technicians, who with the advent of  digital media and the Internet have had demands placed on them for new skills and working practices.  Even the secondary issues of actually running their own businesses has become more challenging.  So I am delighted to have been able to join forces with David Brauchli the Pulitzer nominated photographer to set up a community for pros and aspiring pro photographers, built around a series of workshops designed to help even the best raise their game.

We have found some great international photographers and technicians who really know what they are doing to run a series of workshops in Prague this summer and this weekend we launched the initiative with a competition that will enable some talented pro or aspiring young hopeful to win a place on the course of their choice.  So, take a look at the site, enter your photos in the competition and let me know what you think about the community we are building.  We have plans to add further resources over the coming weeks and months, but there’s still plenty of scope to introduce your ideas.

Michael Weaver
January 11, 2010

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