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The first in our video lecture series runs through the process of building a Brand Model just like those we create at The Full Effect Company.

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The world is desperately short of executives with the skills a digital business needs. The digital paradigm demands a different approach, and skills senior executives were never taught in college. Today’s successful businesses are customer focussed, marketing led, and have brand at their core. Things move faster too, which adds a new dimension to the concept of “efficiency”.

"To introduce you to the brand-led business transformation process, I’ve created a series of presentations and lectures covering the key areas
of my programme."

"I’ve been working with organisations around the world for years to help them maximise their potential and now I’m ready to share the lessons I’ve learnt and the solutions my teams have come up with, so that you are better prepared for the challenges of transformation and can be the agent of change in your organisation."

Marketing, brand development and transformation are complex subjects, but I can promise you, this series of lectures will give you the understanding required to become the agent of change every organisation needs, adding to what you bring to your current employer, increasing your value on the employment market and giving you the edge should you launch a start-up.

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