Folks who know me will know that I am never far away from music and always excited to find new talent.  As with anything else I firmly belive that music is about progression.  Once something has been done I can’t see the point in doing the same thing again unless you take it to a new level and I don’t rate musicians who find a formula and just keep repeating it album after album, however good an idea it may have seemed the first time.

Its reassuring therefore to come across a musician who is doing something a bit different and a young lady who fits the bill is Lucinda Belle, a singer/songwriter and jazz harpist who has just won her first recording contract.  Lucinda appeared on the BBC’s Breakfast show this morning with her harp “Diana” and a cuple of tracks from her forthcoming album “My Voice and 45 Strings” and I just feel she’s worth a listen.  If you want more (apart from the YouTube post I’ve linked to above) I guess you’ll just have to wait ’til the album comes out like the rest of us, but you can pre-order on Amazon right now.

Michael Weaver
March 11, 2010

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