It may have something to do with my time of life, but I find these days that I spend a lot of time pondering world issues with a real sense of frustration.  Frustration that the people calling the shots make such stupid mistakes, that people are still so self-centred that they strive for the failure of others as often as they do their own success and most of all anger at the waste that prevails in every aspect of life in the developing as well as the developed world.

Just lately my thoughts have been on the issues of food resources and the question of how we Brits are going to maintain food supplies as we continue to grow in numbers, demand more variety and turn our once green and pleasant land into car park.  I see opportunities for initiatives everywhere in my day-to-day life, but, like so many others I suspect, the need for me to meet the cost of living, which increases daily because of these mistakes, self-centredness and stupidity, means that I can do little and the reluctance of the people with say-so to actually walk their talk just winds me up still further.

The fact that my eighty-year-old mother is paranoid that she might put the wrong kind of cardboard in her re-cycling bin and get fined by the bin-cops is criminal in itself when you trace the route of the waste as I did and discover that it is all dumped together anyway on ships and sent to India for land-fill.  Consequently I get a bit of a wam feeling inside when big organisations like Saatchi & Saatchi take a positive viewpoint and place emphasis on the simple things that we can all do to, at least, help not make things worse.

I wonder sometimes if Saatchi’s don’t have too many themes and causes on the go at one time, but I don’t get to see how it all works internally these days, so like everyone else, I have to accept the reassurance of Kevin Roberts that it works.  This initiative from their Pakistan office in response to Saatchi’s recent True Blue theme would tend to support his claim, but anyway it gave me one of those warm feelings I was talking about.  I hope it does the same for you.

Michael Weaver
August 10, 2009

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