I find myself wanting to like this little video from the Evernote people, but I can’t work out what it’s supposed to be doing. Is it a brand video, a promotional video or a reveal for their new identity?

It’s creativity and production delivers a nice, but subliminal strategic vibe, which is probably why I feel I should like it, however, whatever its intention I find myself searching for the message. If it’s supposed to be a promo video, it’s self-obsession is irritating to say the least – far too much use of “we” and hardly any mention of benefits. Most conspicuously though there isn’t really a proposition. There are hints here and there, but they are lost.

I produce brand videos for my clients once the brand model is created and they play an essential role in the internal marketing programme that will bring the brand to life. However, if this is intended as a brand video it’s missing the vital component – the brand promise.

Sadly, it doesn’t even deliver the objective it sets itself in the opening – present their new brand identity. Where’s the narrative or the explanation or rationale for the components and changes to the original graphic devices?

I find it hard to fault the production here, It’s where anyone producing brand or promo videos should be aiming, but I suspect someone became a bit carried away with the creativity of this production and lost the focus that would have delivered real value from what can’t have been a cheap exercise. I’m afraid there could be as many as three different targets and messages here, but because they’ve tried to bundle them all together into one they’ve failed to deliver any of them.

It seems to me they won’t get the value from their investment in this that they should, which is a missed opportunity. That’s unforgivable in today’s competitive environment

Phil Darby
August 28, 2018

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