Thirty years ago, when I was working my way up through the ranks at McCormick Internarco-Farner, our then Creative Director Gerry Moira was working with a film producer on some new effects to use in a TV campaign.  The producer (sorry, but I can’t remember who that was) had been working on pop videos and had a few on his show-reel.  Among these was this one with Chaz Jankel which made the rounds of the agency and was immediately loved and adopted by pretty well everyone.

I don’t remember the tune making it to the charts.  I can’t even remember if we used the effects in a commercial, but I came across it again quite by accident last week and I was surprised to find that, unlike most of the old stuff I listen to, it still had me wanting to get up and dance!  Even the video is great!  I guess we all have songs in our past that still do it for us.  So what’s yours?

Michael Weaver
March 4, 2011

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